Student Comments

Selected Student Comments (full sets of comments available on request)

Business Communication

  • I really enjoyed English 302 with Mr. Rawlins. He was interesting and really helpful and I feel like what I learned can be applied outside of school.
  • Mr. Rawlins did a good job of teaching this class. He brought real world situations to the class to use as examples. Jacob did a great job of gettings his points across. Overall on a scale of 1–10 in comparison to other instructors, I would rate Jacob a 9.
  • I believe my abilities as a writer have grown. This class not only taught new concepts but refreshed my memory of older ones learned in previous years. The instructor demonstrated a sincere interest in the development of his students.
  • This class has been the most realistic class I have taken so far. All the information, assignments, and work were relevant for the real world (not just college). The challenge was finally what I thought college would be like.

Technical Communication

  • One of the best instructors at ISU. Caring and fair, relaxed classes that were fun, and I actually learned new stuff.
  • This instructor is one of the better ones at ISU. He cares about student performance both in class and outside class. He also encourages that we gather opinions from him or other instructors/professionals to strengthen our work.
  • Prof. Rawlins was very down to earth and genuine. His teaching methods took new technology into account and this really helped keep my interest. He was very helpful in office hours and was easily approachable.
  • Rawlins was by far the most respectful and helpful instructor I have had this semester. He genuinely cares about my grasp of the material and how I use it in my future. Two thumbs up for the only English class I ever enjoyed.
  • The professor was fantastic. I learned an incredible amount and was challenged in many new ways. All of the assignments were clear and relevant to my other interests. I have become a better writer and presenter because of this course. One of the best professors I’ve had at ISU! By FAR, the best English professor I’ve had.

Technical Communication (Online)

  • Jacob Rawlins is a great instructor.  He was interested in students’ comments and was very quick to respond to any questions or complications that came up.  He was very accessible via e-mail, text, or phone. This was very helpful to me.
  • I would rate this instructor high because it would be extremely difficult to teach English online. But the instructor mangaged to do this while teaching us a lot.

The Language of Science

  • I feel as though I have become more open minded towards others’ opinions due to the many interesting class discussions we’ve had in class. It really gave me something to think about.
  • I can’t stress enough how many teachers I’ve had that come to teach and class and want hardly anything to do with teaching. It sounds odd, but Mr. Rawlins was excellent at coming to class with positiveness written all over him. He cares about what he does and wants us to learn and strives to do all he can for us to get the most out of class.
  • I would rate Mr. Rawlins’s teaching ability as comprehensive, intellectually stimulating, and one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.

Report and Proposal Writing

  • He clearly represents the idea behind higher education and helps foster confidence in his students.
  • Jacob Rawlins is one of the best instructors I’ve had at ISU. He is very respectful to his students. . . . It is obvious that he is passionate about his job and even more passionate about his students.
  • The course was very well organized and interconnected with each assignment. This helped me as a student to achieve the goal.
  • This is one of the best classes I have taken. I have learned a lot, and getting to work on a real grant . . . tied the class back to a real world application.
  • This teacher is much better than most because there is clearly a genuine love for what he does.

Editing for Publication

  • I think Jacob was an excellent instructor. Although he admitted that he has an extremely busy schedule, he was always available to talk to us when we needed it and provided prompt feedback and grading. He was encouraging to in our job pursuits, too.
  • The environment Jacob created enhanced our learning and helped us perform our very best on our work. He was very willing to tailor his teaching style to our individual circumstances, fostering trust and learning.
  • Excellent instructor who showed genuine interest in his students. Knows his stuff, and teaches well. I would definitely take from him again.
  • The instructor was extremely helpful and understanding. No question was too stupid; he always answered everything seriously and honestly. And he gave us great feedback on all our work. His comments helped us improve our editing skills and other things. The time spent in class was actually enjoyable. He wasn’t a boring teacher at all, and he was good at explaining things. He seemed to understand where we were coming from and what we did and didn’t know.

Communication in Organizational Settings

  • Professor Rawlins was really good for his first time teaching this course. He understood that the material was a little dry and allowed us to have fun with it and discuss topics and grammar rules which made a dry topic entertaining.
  • This class has been one of my top three favorites in my college career. The information was concise and very practical. Grading was fair and there was no “game playing” trying to get an “A” in the class. I would strongly recommend Mr. Rawlins to others in the future.